Asthma Control


The Asthma Alliance of Indianapolis was initiated in 1997 and is comprised of the Marion County Public Health Department, American Lung Association, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, and five major Indianapolis hospitals. The participating hospitals include Indiana University Health, St. Vincent Hospital and Health Center, Franciscan St. Francis Health, Community Hospitals, and Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Hospital. This asthma coalition consists of healthcare professionals with varied backgrounds, including pediatric medicine, nursing, respiratory therapy, social work, and environmental health. A multidisciplinary approach to asthma education, prevention, and treatment allows comprehensive support to the local community.

Educational Programs: The Alliance offers free educational programs, including the following:


What is Asthma?

  • 45-minute presentation includes pig lung demonstration.
  • Interactive for grades one through eight.

Open Airways

  • Developed by the American Lung Association.
  • Helps young children with asthma to develop self-management skills.
  • Parent involvement is encouraged.

Parents as Asthma Managers

Often taught during PTA, community, and church meetings.  This class helps parents ask the right questions of their doctor and facilitates communications.

School Staff Workshop

  • Equips school staff with pertinent asthma knowledge, such as warning signs of asthma attacks, asthma medications, and how to reduce classroom triggers.

To receive information about scheduling workshops or if you would like to speak with a respiratory therapist, please contact us at 317-221-2473 or