The CDC’s National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) is arriving in Marion County!



, the nation’s mobile health survey, is one of the most unique and on-going national surveys monitoring the health and nutritional status of adults and children across the United States. It combines health interviews and physical examinations, providing a complete profile of the current health of the nation.

Marion County is one of several counties selected this year to be part of NHANES. The survey will be conducted in the area for only a short period of time. The CDC/NHANES Mobile Exam Center will be in town April 23 to June 19, 2022.

Participation in the NHANES is by invitation only – but if you are invited, PLEASE PARTICIPATE! To learn more, go to: or call 1-855-958-0631.


NHANES – Arriving in Marion County!

NHANES – Informational flyer

NHANES- Mobile Exam Center



NHANES Communications Outreach 2021

Coming to Your Community Video

NHANES MEC Tour with Dr. Tony 2021 The Nation’s Mobile Health Survey Video