Academic Detailing: Working together to help patients with substance use disorder


What is academic detailing?

Academic detailing focuses on clinical topics where there are gaps between evidence-based guidelines and typical practice patterns. Educational materials are developed after synthesizing the findings of the best available studies into key messages and clear directives for practicing clinicians. These training materials form the basis of presentations and discussions between academic detailers and prescribers.

Academic detailers, are not salespeople and do not represent companies, have no commercial bias toward a particular drug or approach to care.  The goal is better outcomes for patients.


Why should I participate?

  • Distills current literature and resources into quick to read information, which saves you time
  • Improves patient health outcomes
  • Proven method of providing evidence-based information in an effective and impactful way


How to get involved?

Interested healthcare providers and prescribers can visit to sign-up. One of our academic detailers will reach out to answer your questions and arrange a virtual meeting.


What topics will be covered during educational sessions?

  • Screening for SUD
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Prescribing MAT
  • Drug overdose data
  • Resources for patients & providers


If you have general questions about the program, feel free send them in the survey link above or reach out to Mandy Billman


MCPHD is working on a variety of initiatives to help people with substance use disorders and their loved ones. Learn more below:

    • You’re Worth It anti-stigma campaign and resources to get help:
    • Naloxone training, testing services, substance use disorder case management, and more Substance Use Outreach Services ( or call 317-221-4618
    • Safe Syringe Access and Support can help provide resources to folks who are actively using substances: Naloxone, harm reduction supplies, safer drug use practices, wound care education, immunizations, access to health insurance coverage, HIV & hepatitis C rapid screening, and peer support.​
    • Questions: 317-221-2117, Peer Support: 317-671-1630 or visit: