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Voices of Long Covid

To hear their stories, click here. Long COVID is a range of new, returning and ongoing health problems people can experience after they have had COVID-19. Anyone who has had COVID-19 can develop long COVID, including people who have had mild or asymptomatic COVID-19. Long COVID symptoms can include fatigue, shortness of breath, “brain fog,” [...] Voices of Long Covid

COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids Ages 5-11

Click here for more information from CDC about the COVID-19 vaccine for kids ages 5-11 and what parents need to know. To make an appointment for a vaccination, visit OurShot.IN.gov. Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccine FAQS COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids Ages 5-11

Flu Shot Available at District Health Offices

Please click the link below to view where you can get your flu shot! 2021 Flu Shot Clinics Flu Shot Available at District Health Offices

Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate – English/Spanish Please click here to visit the Vital Records webpage. Birth Certificate

Latest on Coronavirus

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Educational Information & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)   Center for Disease Control and Prevention Dashboard Providers Public Personal & Business Guidance for Navigating COVID-19   Situation Reports December 2021 12/01/21 12/08/21 12/15/21 12/19/21 12/29/21 1/05/22 1/12/22 1/19/22 To view Situation Reports (Week 1 – 60) please click here. Questions? Do you [...] Latest on Coronavirus

Welcome to the Marion County Public Health Department

Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County’s Division of Public Health is known as the Marion County Public Health Department (MCPHD).  MCPHD has served the residents and visitors of Marion County, Indiana for nearly 100 years.  The area that MCPHD covers includes the City of Indianapolis, Beech Grove, Lawrence, Speedway, and Southport.  The mission of the department is to promote physical, mental, and environmental health, prevent and protect against disease, injury, and disability.  The health department operates two service bureaus: the Bureau of Environmental Health (BEH), the Bureau of Population Health (BPH) and Public Health Administration.  It is enabled through Indiana Code 16-22-8.