Eyelash Extensions



In October 2022, a new Indiana Department of Health (IDOH) sanitary rule for eyelash extensions went into effect in Indiana. The rule states that lash technicians without a state-issued cosmetology or esthetician license must have a certification through an IDOH recognized program. The rule also establishes requirements for training and sanitation at facilities performing eyelash extensions. MCPHD does not license these facilities, but any complaints in Marion County will be investigated for compliance with the sanitary rule. To file a complaint about eyelash extensions, call (317) 221-2270.


IDOH Sanitary Rule for Eyelash Extensions

For more information on approved certification programs, please see the IDOH’s Eyelash Extensions page

FDA-approved disinfectants for reusable equipment (tweezers)

EPA-registered tuberculocidal disinfectants for surfaces


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