Fish Consumption Advisory


The Indiana State Department of Health, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources together establish recommendations for consuming fish from Indiana’s public waters. These recommendations help anglers avoid high levels of toxins from eating local fish. Toxins include mercury and PCBs, to which sensitive populations are more susceptible. The Indiana Fish Consumption Advisory lists specific fish species by stream for each county.



General Population (females over 50 years old, males over 18 years old)

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Sensitive Population (females under 50 years old, males under 18 years old)

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Additional Resources

Indiana State Department of Health – Fish Advisory Page

Indiana Department of Natural Resources – Fishing Guide & Regulations



Questions and complaints can be directed to:

Department of Water Quality & Hazardous Materials Management

3901 Meadows Dr., 2nd floor, Indianapolis, IN 46205

Phone: 317.221.2266