Healthy and Responsible Relationships: HIV, Other STI’s and Pregnancy Prevention

  • Offered for Grades 9 through 12
  • Abstinence-Only Curriculum
  • 10 Lessons + Service Learning Project


The lessons in Health and Responsible Relationships were selected after much consideration and scrutiny from parents, teachers, students, clergy, and medical personnel. Some of the topics included in the curriculum are: healthy relationships, STI facts, and the possible consequences of sexual decisions. We strongly encourage parents, guardians, or other trusted adults to be involved with their student’s education. We hope to foster open communication about healthy and responsible relationships. Your students will also be asked to participate in a service learning project designed to build a network of positive influence among their peers, promoting a culture of care. Skills that students will gain on completion of this program include:

  • Ability to apply strategies to abstain from sex
  • Ability to access reliable sources of information
  • Knowledge to avoid and escape risky situations
  • How to communicate respectfully and assertively
  • Ability to refuse pressure
  • Knowledge on how to identify trouble
  • Ability to advocate for peers to prevent STIs and pregnancy