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Revised Guidance Issued for Attending Large Gatherings in Marion County

Governor’s News Release (3/12/2020)

Mayor Joe Hogsett, Marion County Public Health Department Announce School Closures (3/12/2020)

Mayor Joe Hogsett, Marion County Public Health Department Announce Next Phase of Reopening Indianapolis Economy

CDC Issues First Set of Guidelines on How Fully Vaccinated People Can Visit Safely with Others

Travelers coming to Marion County from states with high rates of COVID-19 may increase the risk of infection within the county. We define states with high rates of COVID-19 as those with at least 300 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people in the previous two-week period, or a rate at least 10% higher than that of Marion County when Marion County’s rate exceeds 300. After traveling to a state with a high rate of COVID-19 as of the time of travel, Marion County residents should observe a quarantine period of 14 days, during which they remain in their homes and do not come into close contact with any person outside of their household. A list of states for which travel triggers this recommendation is provided below.
The list of states can be found at the link below:
US citizens returning from travel to other countries should self-isolate per the CDC’s guidance . Foreign nationals arriving in Marion County should self-isolate per the US State Department guidance, unless they have completed following those instructions elsewhere in the United States after their most recent arrival from another country.
Source: US Census Bureau 2019 population estimates, John Hopkins U. CSSC COVID 19 Data Repository. MCPHD Epidemiology DR 4578.


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