MCPHD Community Health Assessment 2014

Marion County Public Health Department’s Community Health Assessment 2014

MCPHD Community Health Assessment 2014 Full Report


2014 Report by chapter:

00   Cover Page, Acknowledgments, Table of Contents

01    Executive Summary 

02    Maternal, Infant and Children to Age 4 Final Report

03    Young Child Ages 5-11 Final Report

04    Adolescent Ages 12-17 Final Report

05    Young Adult Ages 18-34 Final Report

06    Mature Adult Ages 35-64 Final Report 

07    Older Adult Ages 65 + Final Report 

08    Marion County Community Health Survey Summary 

09    Public Health Risk Prevention & Preparedness  Capabilities 

10    Data Sources & Methods 




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Central Indiana’s community information and mapping website – The SAVI Community Information System is a one-stop source for data and information for Central Indiana communities and organizations.  It provides local data about the social, economic, and physical conditions of neighborhoods, townships, and counties, and other geographic areas such as school districts.  SAVI summarizes these data into community profiles and allows users to view and analyze detailed data in interactive maps, charts, and tables.