Injury Prevention Program

The Injury Prevention program provides free educational programs and materials to children and caregivers, to prevent accidental injuries.  Experienced health educators provide presentations covering a variety of topics including, but not limited to:

  • Fire and Burn Prevention
    • 9-1-1 Simulators
      • Emergency Response Education
      • Calling 9-1-1 Training
    • Home Safety
      • R U Safe @ Home?
        • Fire and Burn Prevention,
        • “I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up” Fall Prevention Awareness
        • Safe Sense (Home Safety, Medication Safety, Personal Safety)
      • Water Safety
        • Water Watcher’s Program
          • How to Be Safe Around Water
          • Adult Supervision and Water Safety
        • Wheeled Sports Safety
          • Bike Helmet Pledge Program
            • Identifying the Importance of Wearing a Bike Helmet,
            • Brain Function and Support
          • Pedestrian Safety
            • 26th & Main Program
              • Learn to Safely Navigate Traffic
            • Safe Travel
              • Boosters are for Big Kids
                • Promote booster seat use among children age 5 to 8 years

For more information, please contact the Injury Prevention Coordinator, Constance Cowling, at 221-3145 or email .