Rev. Charles Williams Prostate Mobile Unit

The purpose of the Rev. Charles Williams Prostate Cancer Mobile Unit is to encourage men to respond to an urgent call for action regarding prostate cancer. The special awareness campaign is for women too, as it aids them in dealing with the health of men in their lives. Screening men in the State of Indiana area for prostate cancer since 2005, The Rev. Charles Williams Prostate Mobile Unit’s objectives are to:


  1. Partner with churches, community centers, businesses to screen a minimum of 1,000 men in Marion County, Indiana annually.


  1. Raise awareness of the disease and the importance of early detection, treatments and clinical trials.


  1. Ensure that the community is reached and educated regarding this aggressive disease.

Every man over age 50 (age 45 if you’re African American or have a family history of the disease) should know his risk for prostate cancer and talk to a health professional about a regular screening schedule. The sooner prostate cancer is caught, the easier it is to treat.


To learn more or request the Rev. Charles Williams Prostate Mobile for your upcoming event, please click here,  call 317-221-2086 or e-mail