HOUSING AND NEIGHBORHOOD HEALTH Housing and Neighborhood Health

Housing and Neighborhood Health strives to improve the quality of life in the neighborhoods through code enforcement and education efforts related to occupied structures, vacant structures and sanitation conditions. Our housing interventions help to improve the neighborhood’s health status and have a positive impact on the quality of life. Many of our investigations are request driven.

The Housing and Neighborhood Health Department is making a difference in the community. The staff works with block clubs and neighborhood groups to help solve neighborhood problems.  The primary goal for the department is to perform code enforcement and education activities throughout the city. A secondary goal is protecting public health and safety as well as reversing neighborhood deterioration.


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Applicable Health Code used by Housing and Neighborhood Health:

Code Chapter 10: Residential Property and Housing

Code Chapter 19: Nonresidential Premises


For more information about our department:

Housing Pamphlet

MCPHD EHS Inspector District Map

The Citizen’s Affidavit is to be completed by a citizen verifying that a vehicle is abandoned and can be towed from the property in 21 days.

The Owner’s Affidavit is to be completed by a property owner who wants an abandoned vehicle towed from the property.

Owner’s or Citizen’s Affidavit Form


Payments: Tickets may be paid in person at the Hasbrook building or mailed to the address on your ticket. The instructions are on the back of the ticket. Payment may be made with a certified check, cashier’s check or money order made payable to: Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County, Department of Housing and Neighborhood Health. No personal checks are accepted and cash will not be accepted through the mail.