Ryan White/HIV Services

With funding from the Ryan White Modernization Act, the health department sub-contracts funding to agencies to provide services to PLWH/A (people living with HIV/AIDS) in the Indianapolis Transitional Grant Area. The Ryan White Services Program provides the oversight to these grant dollars and programs.



To provide a coordinated response to end the HIV epidemic by reducing the number of new infections and ensuring quality accessible care in our service area.


A world committed to no new HIV infections, equity for all, and where people living with HIV are empowered to live full, happy lives with dignity within their communities.



For more information about the Indianapolis Transitional Grant Area (TGA) Planning Council  www.ryanwhiteindy.org

For more information about Ending the HIV Epidemic Side.By.Side SIDE by SIDE | Ending HIV Together | Marion County, Indiana

For more information about Ending the HIV Epidemic Task Force https://endinghivtogether.org/

For more information – www.ryanwhiteindytga.org