Symptoms and Treatment


  • Signs and symptoms of Zika fever may include: acute onset of low-grade fever, rash, joint pain, conjunctivitis (reddening of eye), body aches, headache, eye pain, and vomiting.


  • Only about 1 in 5 people infected with Zika virus become symptomatic. Zika fever typically causes mild illness. Severe disease requiring hospitalization is uncommon.


  • Treatment plans will focus on relieving symptoms since there is no specific treatment against the virus. Illness typically resolves within a week.


  • Scientists at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have concluded, after careful review of existing evidence, that Zika virus can cause microcephaly and other severe fetal brain defects. Additional studies are being conducted to determine other Zika related effects on the brain and potential developmental problems. Note: This finding does not mean that all women who are infected with Zika virus during their pregnancy will have babies with birth defects.