Vaccinate Indy!


Get your COVID-19 vaccine and get back to life!

The Marion County Public Health Department is working to bring COVID-19 vaccines to where our community members are. That means reducing hours at the standing clinics and hosting pop-up vaccine clinics in neighborhoods across the city. Walk-ins are welcome at every Health Department clinic.


Not only are we making it easier, but we are also making it more fun to get vaccinated! If you get your COVID-19 vaccine at any of the below locations between June 19 and July 2, you will be entered to win:

· A package of two Indianapolis Colts Season tickets with a signed Peyton Manning rookie jersey

· Two Half-Season Indiana Pacers ticket packages, each also including a signed Domantas Sabonis 2020 All Star jersey

· Indianapolis Indians clubhouse tickets and a jersey

· Tickets to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

· A gift basket from the Indianapolis Zoo that includes a free membership

· Fun cards for pool admission at Indy Parks

Daily drawings will be held for smaller items, and the winners of the larger items will be randomly selected following July 2.


Pop-up clinic schedule*:

Walk-in hours for the west side clinic:

Walk-in hours for the east side clinic:


About the COVID-19 vaccines:

The COVID-19 vaccines save the unprepared body from the risk of fighting COVID unprepared by giving the immune system instructions to recognize and kill the virus if exposed, greatly reducing the risk of serious illness due to the virus. The FDA approved these vaccines through an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) process that requires clinical trials involving tens of thousands of people, rigorous evaluation of these trials, and resulting evidence that the vaccine is safe and effective. The COVID-19 vaccine is the most strictly safety-monitored vaccine process in United States history. Serious long-term health problems or fertility issues have not been linked to the COVID-19 vaccine.

The COVID-19 vaccine is free to everyone, and no social security number is required to receive a vaccine. Free transportation to a vaccine appointment is available through IU Health by calling 1.888.IUHEALTH and choosing option 9. Free childcare is also available to help parents and caregivers get vaccinated and recuperate from any short-term side effects. More information can be found at .

Those who previously tested positive for COVID-19 are still encouraged by medical professionals to receive the vaccine, as contracting the virus may only provide limited protection. If you have not had a case yourself, you very likely know someone that has had COVID-19 case. Getting the COVID-19 vaccine will significantly reduce the chance of you getting Coronavirus. The people you know that have had Coronavirus have very likely had side effects that have lasted weeks or months. Those side effects include loss of taste, loss of smell, breathing issues, and heart issues.

It is important to not skip the second dose if receiving the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines – vaccine-induced protection is much stronger and longer-lasting after the second dose. It is normal to feel some side effects after receiving the vaccine, which can include a fever, chills, tiredness, headache, or aching at the injection site. These side effects are signs that your body is building protection and typically go away in 24-48 hours.

Public Health Director Dr. Caine states: “If you have had the Coronavirus or not, getting the COVID-19 vaccine will offer you the best protection against it. No one is invincible against this virus, and getting the vaccine is the best way to prevent getting it or getting it again. Working together, each one of use can get the COVID-19 vaccine to not only protect ourselves, but our loved ones and fellow community members. It is even more important to be vaccinated now due to the variants beginning to spread in the US.”

Those with unanswered questions or concerns about the vaccine can call the Health Department vaccine hotline at 317-221-2100 between the hours of 9am and 4pm or visit or Answers to some frequently asked questions about the vaccine can be found here.