The ABCs of Diabetes program is accredited by the American Association of Diabetes Educators. This four-part series includes instruction on medications, nutrition, exercise, monitoring, complications and available community resources. This program is free and open to anyone with diabetes, pre-diabetes, family members and friends.

  • The first class covers General Facts of Diabetes and the Medications.
  • The second class covers Medical Nutrition Therapy.
  • The third class covers Blood Glucose Monitoring and Exercise.
  • The final class covers Special Issues and Long-Term Management.

The Mission Statement

The ABCs of Diabetes Self-Management training program of the Marion County Public Health Department is committed to providing adults with diabetes, pre-diabetes, and their families and significant others with ready access to educational services and information in the area of managing and preventing diabetes.  The program aims to empower individuals with diabetes to achieve and maintain good health, prevent complications that may develop from uncontrolled diabetes, and to increase knowledge and skills for successful diabetes self-management.  The program also will provide education to individuals with pre-diabetes to delay or prevent type 2 diabetes.


  • To offer quality group and individual education guided by evidence-based standards to adult citizens of Marion County with diabetes, pre-diabetes, and their families and significant others.
  • To provide knowledge and skills for effective diabetes self-management and/or prevention.
  • To support informed decision making, effective self-care behaviors, problem solving skills, and collaboration within the health care team.
  • To improve outcomes, health status, and quality of life.


REGISTRATION REQUIRED: Call 317-221-2094 or online HERE (Sign up for Class)