Nurse of the Day Nursing Services/Immunization Clinic Schedule

Nursing Services/ Immunization Clinic Schedule


Since 1995 Public Health Nurses have been providing home visits to mothers and babies who were discharged early after being delivered at Eskenazi formally known as Wishard Hospital. During these visits the mothers and babies receive physical assessments with appropriate referral and health education. In 1996 there were 913 home visits and in 1997 there were 751 home visits to provide early discharge follow up services. This number has decreased due to mothers and babies staying in the hospital longer after delivery.

Maternal Child Health


School Health

In addition to health education for classes/school groups and providing individual health counseling to school children by referral, C-B C provides school health screenings for children in selected grades for vision, hearing and scoliosis (posture). This screening is done by Technicians with follow up by Public Health Nurses.


Vaccines and Immunization Schedules