Private Well Program

Water Pump

The Marion County Public Health Department (MCPHD) regulates the construction of private wells and well pumps through the state and local ordinances. Contractors must obtain permits for new well construction, pump repair or replacement and must follow appropriate procedures to abandon wells no longer in service. Environmental Health Specialist oversee the permit process, educate homeowners on private well maintenance and conduct well water sampling at no cost to well owners. Staff also conducts neighborhood surveys to assess the groundwater quality throughout the country.



Marion County Ordinance – The Code, Chapter 18

Water Well Drilling and Ground Water– 312 IAC 12

Water Well Drillers and Water Well Pump Installers– 312 IAC 13


New Well Construction

Well permit fee is $50. Before commencement of construction of any water well not serving a municipality or public utility, a licensed well driller shall obtain a well permit signed by the Health Officer. In emergency situations, that well driller may drill the well prior to obtaining a well permit. In such emergency situations, the well driller shall notify the Health Officer by telephone of the pending well installation prior to installation at 317-221-2147. Within 30 days after drilling a well, the well driller shall provide the Health Officer and the owner with a copy of the well record submitted to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

Private Well Application

Pump Repair or Replacement

Pump permit fee is $50. A pump installer must obtain a pump permit signed by the Health Officer within two business days after installing any pump, uncovering a buried upper terminal to a well or breaking the sanitary seal of a private water supply.

Well Pump Application

Well Water Sampling

MCPHD staff routinely samples and tests groundwater to assess the quality of residential water. The MCPHD’s Public Health Laboratory tests for bacterial and chemical contamination- click here for a complete list of parameters. Once well water analysis is complete, well operators and users are provided with information as to contaminant levels and suitability of the well water for drinking purposes. For more information or to schedule a free well sample, contact our office at 317-221-2147.

Well Testing Brochure

        Well Testing Brochure- Spanish

Fact Sheets

Info Sheet on Private Well Water– List common characteristics and contaminants found in Marion County

Well Disinfection Instructions – quick reference guide

        Detailed Well Disinfection Instructions – Indiana Department of Environmental Management

Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs)– The Environment Protection Agency’s limits for public water supplies

Arsenic in Well Water

Nitrates in Well Water

Fluoride in Well Water

Sulfur Odor in Well Water

Sulfur Odor in Hot Water

Sodium in Well Water

Lead in Your Drinking Water

PFAs EPA Webpage

       Iron in Drinking Water


Ground Water Assessments

MCPHD also conducts groundwater assessments of neighborhoods across Marion County. Neighborhoods on wells are surveyed and private wells are sampled to determine the groundwater quality in that area. Click on the map to find those areas previously surveyed or click on the neighborhood to view a summary report of the assessment. For further information please contact the department at 317-221-2147.


Edgewood – 2023

Millersville – 2023

Rawles-Franklin – 2023

Shetland – 2023

Indian Lake – 2022

Hollingsworth – 2022

Carson Ave – 2022

Ralston Rd – 2022

Ritter – Troy – 2022

Collier Street – 2021

Jordan Road – 2021

16th & Pleasant Run – 2021

River Park – 2021

Roland & Rommel – 2021

Lyons & Rybolt – 2019

Northgate – 2019

Chestnut Lane – 2019

Camden & US31 – 2019

Highgate Neighborhood – 2018

Keystone & Werges – 2018

 62nd & Cooper – 2017

Julietta (Brookville & Senour) – 2016

New Augusta – 2016

Perry Manor – 2016

10th & Mitthoefer – 2015

Sunshine Gardens – 2015

Terrace & Ritter – 2014

South Rybolt – 2014

Meridian South – 2014

Sunshine Gardens – 2014

Wonderland Drive – 2013

Southeastern & Arlington – 2013

Emerson Way – 2013

Perry Meridian – 2013

Sunshine Gardens – 2013

Bloomfield Estates – 2012

Briarwood/ Meadow – 2012

91st & College – 2012

16th & PleasantRun – 2011

Dixie Drive – 2011

Carriage Estates – 2010

Madison & Edgewood- 2009

Raymond & Hobart – 2009

46th & Allisonville – 2009



Map of Surveyed Neighborhoods



Additional Resources

DNR Well Log Database – Indiana Department of Natural Resources

DNR Well Interactive Map

Recommended Standards for Private Water Wells – Indiana State Department of Health

Household Well Guide – Environmental Protection Agency

CDC Private Well Water Page

National Groundwater Association: Indiana – well video series

EPA Tool for Point-Of-Use Lead Treatment

National Groundwater Association video – Testing Well Water

     Understanding and Protecting Your Drinking Water – Indiana Department of Environmental Management

     Water Quality Association – certified water treatment systems and professionals

Private Well Class – free online classes on how to properly care for a water well



Questions & Complaints can be directed to:

Department of Water Quality & Hazardous Materials Management

3901 Meadows Rd., 2nd Floor , Indianapolis, IN 46205

Phone : 317.221.2147