Body Art Licensing Program

The Marion County Public Health Department (MCPHD) licenses and inspects all businesses providing tattooing, body piercing, permanent makeup, and microblading services. Please note that there is no license or certification for individual artists in Marion County. If you would like to open a new body art facility, submit the completed application and $100 application fee to our office. An inspection is generally scheduled within 2-3 business days. When your facility is in compliance with all regulations, the license fee can be paid and your shop can open for business.

Annual license fees are $300; however, if obtaining an initial license between March 1 and August 31, the fee is prorated to $150. The licensing year begins September 1 and ends August 31 of the following year. Licenses must be renewed annually and reminders are sent out every year prior to August 31.


Regulations:                  Marion County OrdinanceThe Code, Chapter 17

  Indiana State Rule 410 IAC 1-5

  Indiana Law for Minors – IC 35-42-2-7


Forms for Licensure:       Body Art Licensing Application

           Exposure Control Plan template

           Exposure Control Plan template (Spanish)

           Hepatitis B Vaccine Waiver form

           Hepatitis B Vaccine Waiver form(Spanish)



Business lists:                 Infectious waste disposal companies

   Spore testing labs

   Bloodborne pathogen training websites


Fact sheets:                     Contact times for disinfectants

                                                Hepatitis B Vaccine and MCPHD Immunization Clinics

                                                Hepatitis B Vaccine and MCPHD Immunization Clinics(Spanish)

Hep-HIV Fact Sheet

Cross-Contamination Fact Sheet

Sterile Water Fact Sheet

Tattoo Pen Fact Sheet

Permanent Makeup Machine Fact Sheet



Additional Resources


Zoning requirements – Department of Code Enforcement:

Association for Professional Piercers (APP):

Federal Drug Administration:





For more information about the Tattoo and Body Piercing Licensing Program, call 317.221.2266.