STD Environmental Health

The Bureau of Environmental Health consists of six departments:  Environmental Health, Safety and Management; Food and Consumer Safety; Healthy Homes, Environmental Consumer Management and Senior Care; Housing and Neighborhood Health; Mosquito and Rodent Control; and Water Quality and Hazardous Materials Management.  The Bureau is primarily responsible for enforcing laws and regulations protecting our health while ensuring a safe and healthy environment.  This is done through the inspection of residential and business properties; cleaning of vacant homes and lots; sampling residential wells, lakes, and streams; and providing services to eliminate pests that may cause disease.  The Bureau also accomplishes this mission through education by attending neighborhood meetings, volunteering for activities that improve the quality of life for neighborhoods, working with our most vulnerable populations – children and seniors, producing quarterly educational newsletters, and serving on committees with public and private partners throughout the community to achieve health and safety goals.



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Environmental Health Safety and Management
Responsible for Cleaning Dilapidated and Abandoned Property, Cutting Weeds and Grass


Food and Consumer Safety


Healthy Homes, Environmental Consumer Management & Senior Care Department
Lead Inspections, Blood Lead Testing, Health Homes Inspections, consumer Product Testing, Radon Tests, Bed Bugs


Mosquito Control
Larviciding (investigating areas of standing water and treating those that are breeding mosquito larvae)
Adulticiding (fogging of neighborhoods to reduce the adult mosquito population)


Rodent Control
Investigation and Baiting of Potential Rodent Habitats


Housing and Neighborhood Health
Occupied Housing, Trash and High Weeds and Grass, Vacant Structures (Commercial or Residential) in Disrepair, Vacant Open Structures, Abandoned Junk Vehicles on Private Property


Water Quality and Hazardous Materials Management