Water Quality and Hazardous Materials Management

The Water Quality and Hazardous Materials Management Department primarily conducts inspections and permits/licensing in the following areas: Public Pools, Septic systems, Private wells/well pumps, Mortgage Loan inspections, Childcare and Tattoo Parlors. Conducts inspections in the following areas: groundwater quality, surface water quality, indoor air, radon, hazardous materials, emergency response, wellfield business inspections, sewer connections, septic system assessment, well sampling, sanitary sewer overflows, and various other environmental concerns.


Hazardous Materials

Indoor Air Quality

On Site Sewage Systems (Septic Systems)

Private Wells and Permits

Sharps Disposal Program

Watershed Sampling Program

Swimming Pool Program

Body Art Licensing Program

Wellfield Protection Program

Storm Water Protection 

Eyelash Extensions